Black Bean Chili: Frozen to Crock-Pot

Black Bean Chili: Frozen to Crock-Pot
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  1. 1lb. ground beef cooked & drained
  2. 1 medium onion chopped
  3. 1 medium green pepper chopped
  4. 1 28 ounce can diced tomatoes
  5. 2 12 oz. cans of black beans drained (you can use pinto or kidney beans if you prefer)
  6. 2 t. onion powder
  7. 2 t. garlic powder
  8. 1 T cumin
  9. 1 T chili powder
  1. Place all items in freezer bag, lay flat and freeze. When ready to cook, place all ingredients in a crock-pot and cook on low for 6 hours or high for 4 hours. Serve with warm cornbread muffins!
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