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This past weekend my 8 year old was sick with some kind of stomach bug.  The poor thing couldn’t keep anything down.  So what do you feed a whiney, cuddly, barfy little sweetie pie?  Comfort food, of course.  Now comfort food runs the gamut, depending on your situation and what stress is driving you to eat.  I often wonder, is comfort food an American reality only?  Are 8 year old Italian children laying in mom’s lap with that same sweet yet pathetic face asking for tea and toast?  What are your favorite comfort foods?  

Sick Child – Once you get that call from little Suzie’s school saying come pick up your kid, they just barfed in the trash can, you first think “Thank God I don’t have to clean that up”.  Your second thought is, “do I have the right food at home?”.  To ease the gentle tummy there are a few mainstays that most mothers gravitate towards.  Tea and toast are always gentle and usually already in the cupboard.  If you are unlucky enough to have a kid with diarrhea there is the BRAT diet which is Bananas, Rice, Apples and Toast.  Electrolyte replenishment is the goal here, so Gatorade, Pedialyte, and PediaSure are always recommended

IMG_6961_WMSick Adult – When ever I am sick I seem to crave grilled cheese sandwiches.  Maybe it’s because that’s what my mom used to make.  It goes so well with a hot cup of tea.  A bowl of ice cream and fruit smoothies are also a yummy choice.  Chicken noodle soup might sound cliche but a cup of well made vegetable rich soup is just what the doctor ordered.  

Break-up (Woman) – There are two kinds of women, those that indulge in ice cream and all the guilty sins of the refrigerator, and those that put down the spoon and hit the gym.  I suppose the break-up comfort food is all depending on the individual and what kind of relationship you are leaving.  But funny how all break ups seem to involve cases and cases of wine….  During your last break up was it the pastries that excited you, or were you more the type that had that little bit of anger to fuel your gym power sessions?




Break-up (Men) – Beer.  Simple as that.

Holidays with Family – When you head home for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner with the folks there some dishes that are without mention guaranteed to be on the table: Turkey or Ham, Stuffing, corn and pie.  There will likely be something green at the table as well, but this is where people get picky.  Let’s just say spinach and kale are NOT comfort foods.  

Any Occasion – There never needs to be a reason to indulge in these American staples: Ice Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookies, midnight cereal, or pudding.  These are just yummy no matter what and while we may occasionally feel guilty, everyone loves them.  



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