Happy Birthday Dear Grown-Up…

cupcakesHave you noticed, as you get older that birthdays are soooo different from when you were a kid? When I was little the birthday food included hot dogs, possibly pizza and lots of cake and ice cream. It was all sugary and bright fun colors. You had all your friends over in the back yard and would run around and play silly games (you had to run, you were all hopped up on sugar). I remember one birthday, I think it was my 8th; mom took me and a bunch of friends to the movie theater to see E.T. The birthday food that day was of course, popcorn!


IMG_5904Now that we are grown-ups our own birthdays look very different. We are no longer running on a sugar high and playing tag in the back yard. Our birthday meals are less pigs-in-a-blanket and more filet minion. Does this mean we have become more boring, or more refined? Sure there is still the back yard BBQ with friends to celebrate your graceful aging, but even that is stocked with bottles of chardonnay instead of a jugs of Kool-aid.


IMG_5906Last night my parents took me out for the obligatory birthday dinner to one of my favorite restaurants; Houston’s. There was not a hot dog or cupcake in sight. Even my 7-year-old daughter had a $17 cheeseburger in front of her. And yes, I did order the filet and sip on a bottle of wine, and not once did I think I sure wish my lips were stained blue with artificially sweetened frosted treats. I didn’t miss the games of kick the can, but instead reveled in the maturity the night brought. After all I am 35. OK, I’m 38, but I’m allowed to lie about my age now that I’m old….


adminHappy Birthday Dear Grown-Up…

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