Pink is the new black

I have loved rosés for years and I have been a cheerleader the whole time. I always say that white zin gave rosé a bad name. Now that Brad and Angelina are making this blushing juice in Provence, the pink stuff is getting some recognition. There is somewhat of a ‘season’ for them but I drink them year round. They can be perfect with salty nibbles and salads and the hearty ones can hold up to charred meats and rich cheeses. Traditionally, the skins of a red grape are allowed to have brief contact with the grape juice. The shorter the contact time with the skins, the lighter the color. Extended time with juice and skins produces some amazing, eye catching color variations from vibrant orangey-pink, almost salmon-like, to nothing less than a vivid hot pink. Here are some of my top picks to make summer taste like spring…


la-dd-brangelinas-chteau-miraval-ctes-de-prove-0012013 Miraval Cotes de Provence Rose

Cotes de Provence, Provence France


Grab it while you can. People are snatching them up perhaps due to the recent 90 point status given from Robert Parker or that it is downright tasty! Fleshy, fragrant, and lovely. Close your eyes and take a big whiff, you will smell lavender and fresh picked berries.




Charles and Charles Rose cap 0142013 Charles and Charles Rose                                                    

Washington, USA                                                          


ALWAYS a favorite. This one snagged a 90 point rating from Wine Spectator this vintage. Predominately Syrah with a bit of Grenache, Cinsault, and Mourvedre. Lip-smackingly delicious with remnants of watermelon jolly ranchers.




2_36108750_3Gruet Rose  

New Mexico, USA                                                                                  


Two of my favorite things all wrapped up in a pretty little package: Pink bubbles!

Aged 24 months en tirage, this is one heck of a deal. Bright floral nose with dried strawberry and cherry. If snozberries ever had a smell, it might be this. Like you need a reason to open up bubbly?!


Crack open a few bottles of Rose and enjoy with new and old friends! Cheers!








WineauxPink is the new black

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  1. Kevin

    I confess to having avoided roses for years. I couldn’t say why – unfounded prejudice it seems. Wonderful article! You had me at “lip-smackingly delicious remnants of watermelon jolly ranchers.”

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