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excercise3When it comes to food I know I should choose broccoli over chips and green tea over soda. But that can of Dr. Pepper just seems to call my name. After, I of course have all the guilt that goes along with “cheat eating” because deep down I know there is a tight and toned yoga body trapped within. Never mind what size the tag says. Now I am an intelligent woman that can very easily read and even understand the nutrition labels. So why am I choosing Hershey’s over kale? Well for one thing kale is gross. Please don’t start with that trendy hipster baloney that “kale chips, are my favorite.” Oh please! If you didn’t live in LA you probably would never have tried them in the first place. Kale is a garnish not a food! So now that I am done ranting, I did actually have a point. On a recent photo shoot with a model friend, I was impressed by her fantastic abs. I will ignore the fact that she did mention how much she loves kale, ’cause I know she was lying. But, as for the non-kale part of a fit ladies’ diet there are a few essentials to both follow and eliminate.

 asparagusYou should be including vegetables. Plan and simple. All vegetables and all colors. Yes, some have benefits others don’t, such as broccoli being very high in calcium. But, essentially, they are ALL good for you!

You should be including LOTS of water! Now I hate drinking plain water, it’s so boring but I also hate the look of dull skin, the sleep deprivation and hunger for munchies. So I drink up.



You should NOT be drinking soda. This one is my personal hurdle, I love soda. I have begun to severely cut back. I now only have one with lunch and NEVER drink diet soda. All that fake sugar can do more damage than the real stuff. Did you know that many artificial sweeteners are thought to be an appetite stimulant? exercise

You should be exercising! Weather you spend hours in the gym or go for a stroll after dinner through the neighborhood; you need to get moving and sweating. Remember that if you exercise for an hour a day, it is only 4% of your day. Keeping that in mind makes it harder to make excuses.


So the scoop is eat healthy and exercise often. There sadly is no magic pill or infomercial product that will melt away the fat. If you want those 6-pack yoga abs, pick up the veggies and put down the soda. Kale can’t do all the work.

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